Hi Guys, we’re vegan!

The funny and VERY sexy brothers, FORREST and BOB accept a challenge to go on a vegan diet for a weekend from one of their YouTube subscribers. They accept immediately and have a plant based lunch at the trendy vegan restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa called “Plant”. After having their first delicious vegan food the brothers do what every single vegan person has to do and that is to tell everyone about their vegan lifestyle. As the day progresses one of them has a hunger meltdown…

Bitten by a Shelby AC Cobra

FORREST and BOB rent a fast and loud black Shelby AC Cobra from Cape Cobra Hire in Cape Town, South Africa and go on a road trip to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to fulfil their cousin’s request for a vlog about the beautiful flower trails. At the botanical garden the two single brothers are ready to mingle and unsuccessfully approach basically every female in sight.

Lion Kings

FORREST and BOB go on a safari adventure and drive from Cape Town, South Africa to the Inverdoorn Safari & Game Reserve. They are surprised to be the only ones showing up in full safari outfits. The brothers jump onboard a Jeep, drive out in Africa’s wild nature and see lions, rhinos, zebras, elephants and cheetahs. 

We’re going to prison

FORREST and BOB have a business meeting with the Robben Island Museum in Cape Town, South Africa about filming the prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 25 years. After the meeting the brothers are happily surprised because the Marketing Manager wants to try and setup that the guys can have a sleepover on the island in the old Governors Mansion. At lunch the two argue over what camera angles to shoot because one of them have a beautiful left side fit for a runway/catwalk model and a less attractive right side fit for a simple male catalogue model. The other one has neither…

BBQ with the YouTube Family

FORREST and BOB hit the gym for an intense workout before preparing for their YouTube LIVE session where they hangout and BBQ with their YouTube Family. After a successful broadcast the brothers hit the gym for the second time and play volleyball. At night they are feeling hungry, but all restaurants are closed in Cape Town, South Africa besides McDonald’s…

Huge Great White shark attacks cage

FORREST and BOB wake up early and drive to Gansbaai to go on a great white shark cage dive adventure. After a short briefing they head out to sea and huge great white sharks swarm the boat immediately. The brothers are terrified of the scary sharks, but still enter the cage. In the cage the brothers witness the biggest shark they’ve ever seen and it attacks the cage violently. Luckily the both survive the attack and are able to tell the tale to their parents on Skype after they return to their home in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gluten-free philanthropy

FORREST and BOB spend most of their day editing videos for YouTube and completely neglect eating. After the brothers finish up they are hungry and hurry to a favourite nearby burger joint in Cape Town, South Africa called Hudson’s to enjoy the best burger ever produced. Outside the grocery market the guys come across a homeless man who wants something to eat. They offer to share with him the world’s softest buns and the three amigos soon become friends. At night they play squash at the gym before heading home straight to bed.

LIVE with friends

FORREST and BOB start out their day “Ding Batting” on Clifton Beach No.2 in Cape Town, South Africa. After a ferocious match the brothers head to their local supermarket to buy a disposable grill and some meat in order to host their first LIVE BBQ broadcast with their YouTube family. Things don’t go as planned as always.

Snuggling with sharks

FORREST and BOB hit the Virgin Active Health Club before going on a road trip to Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. Just before leaving one of them manage to crash their DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone into a fence. In Muizenberg they go surf for the first time in their entire life. The brothers are excited, but also nervous since Muizenberg beach is known for having the presence of Great White Sharks. The Black Flag is up; spotting conditions are poor.

Unluckiest YouTubers!

FORREST and BOB join a new gym; the Virgin Active Health Club in Cape Town, South Africa. After an hour workout the brothers prepare for their Q&A session on Camps Bay Beach while battling their own bad luck.

Our new car

FORREST and BOB have rented a VW Chico 1.4i Citi Sport to take on road trip adventures around Cape Town, South Africa. The brothers come up with a great idea on how to create a misleading “click-bait” thumbnail for the video and pose as owners in front of a white Porsche Panamera. They drive to Hout Bay and eat Fish ‘n Chips at the Mariner’s Wharf seafood restaurant. After lunch the guys spot a seal in the habour and decide to feed it. Late at night they venture out on a snack run in the Chico and end up at McDonald’s, ultimately ignoring their diet once again.

Know when to quit

FORREST and BOB are over owning bicycles after experiencing 3 punctures in 2 days. They return the bikes, get a full refund and then they head to upper Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa to look for a specific pair of Vans sneakers. After a few hours of excruciating search the brothers find what they are looking for and in pure eager of wearing his brand new shoes, one of the guys do an unboxing in the Uber ride home.