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Let’s go!

FORREST and BOB are leaving Budapest, Hungary today. It’s their last day there and they are trying to squeeze one last Kürtőskalács down. After enjoying the dessert the  brothers head to a beautiful square in the middle of the city in order to take a YouTube channel picture that captures the essence of how funny and cool they think they are and where they are geographically located. After a succesful photo session, the guys head to the airport and as per usual one of the guys is padded down and checked for possession of cocaine at the security checkpoint. Apparently he has that look to him, although he’s never done drugs. A “James Bond 007” deodorant is taken from them...

That’s disgusting!

FORREST and BOB start out today’s vlog in a terrifying pace. The brothers have rented electric scooters and are hauling ass through the streets of Budapest, Hungary. No one can feel safe in their presence! They visit the local food market in order to try out some Hungarian specialities. They soon find some traditional foods and have a taste-off on a local park bench. The idiots have found 7 cakes to taste and non of them are actually traditionally Hungarian. 6 out of 7 are delicious, but one of the cakes sends the guys into puke-territory.

The Rick Ross lifestyle

FORREST and BOB are still roaming around the streets of Budapest, Hungary. Throwing Hungarian money around like they are Rick Ross and Birdman. Not only do they have a delicious breakfast at Hooters in today’s vlog, they also visit one of the most popular thermal baths…or at least they walk past, due to the fact that one of the brothers for years have refused to swim around in other people’s urine. Near the parlament building a challenge commences and both idiots start to break-dance.

Baller alert

FORREST and BOB are in Budapest, Hungary enjoying their new favorite treat; the Hungarian Kürtőskalács. The brothers walk around a crowded flea market while consuming the delicious dessert and suddenly spot a ridiculous tuned Ferrari 488 GTB Nimrod LeMans. One of the guys finds out that he can only eat 1,5 Kürtőskalács before feeling nauseous and like always gets rid of the trash Stephen Curry Style.

Chug it. Smash it. Walk.

FORREST and BOB are super tired and riddled with allergies. They decide to start their day in Budapest, Hungary by chugging down 8 Red Bulls which they’ve found will provide them with just the right amount of caffeine for vlogging. After enjoying the beverage at a park bench the brothers are high on energy and storm through the city towards the popular food market called Great Market Hall. They soon realize that they are the only people in Budapest that don’t know it’s a national holiday and that the food market is closed (or “zárva” as they say in Hungary). In food desperation, the guys discover a street stand that sells the Hungarian cake speciality called Kürtőskalács and the siblings...
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